Thursday, 17 November 2005

First Post

Well, my first post as a blogger. And what to say? Well, maybe the way I want to use this blog might be a good way to start. Since I'm starting to dab into the world of writing, html, css, blogging and so on I want to use this blog as a sort of testing ground. First it will start out as a simple thing with everything pretty standard.

But after a while I might want to test out making my own templates, changing a couple of things, enter some html fixtures, who knows, maybe make it into something big that attracts millions and millions of pageviews each day.Although I'm not counting on that.

And as for the writing. Well, who knows what kind of juvenile writings will go up here. Or maybe they'll win Pullitzers (not that I'm counting on that as well).

What this will be I really don't know yet. I haven't made decisions about it, but there are some ideas. But starting this blog is a first step. A sort of journey if you will. And who knows where this journey will lead to.

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