Thursday, 22 December 2005

Gap commercial by Spike Jonze

Because of declining sales, Gap management decided to spruce up the stores (and not the line of clothing surprisingly) and wanted to use a tv-commercial for people to take note.

They turned to Spike Jonze, one of the more innovative filmmakers of this decade. His movies like Being John Malkovic and Adaptation are of course helped by the great scripts from Charlie Kaufman, but his visuals make it the brilliant pieces of cinema that they are. Jonze is also responsible for music videos for, amongst others, the Beastie Boys ("Sabotage"), Fatboy Slim ("Praise you"; "Weapon of choice") and Weezer ("Buddy Holly"; "Island in the sun").

The result is this ad called "Pardon our dust" and it may be one of the funniest (but unseen since Gap decided to pull it after a few runs) commercials in years (The link provided is the original Jonze cut, with the music of "Hall of the mountain king" playing in the background. Gap management decided to go with a different, more Hill-billy tune for the ad that aired on US television, making it less powerfull).

Jonze once again doesn't dissapoint..

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