Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Temporary Urban Park

New York has Central Park. London has Hide Park. Pretty much every major city has one. Parks where you can relax and get away for a little while from the frantic pace, noises, smells and pressures of the big city. But free space in a city has become a very sought-after commodity. Developers keep on developing and building real estate and that means that smaller parks where you could have relaxed are now becomming obsolete.

So what to do?
Bring on the guys from Rebar. They've invented the Temporary Urban Park. A small piece of "park" which you can use for relaxation during your lunch. On november 16th they occupied a parking space in San Francisco for 2 hours to set up their little park and soon they found people using it. This of course was a little experiment where they were, as they say it themselves, "temporarily expanding the public realm and improving the quality of urban human habitat, at least until the meter ran out".

But I think this is a great idea. I definately see possibilities. How about a "Guess where the park will be next"-contest? An indoor version so that people in Siberia can have a "Concert in the park" in the middle of winter in a sports arena. A smaller version for cubicle-dwellers. You could get them all natural with real grass and trees (in different variaties) or all artificial with astroturf. A Christmas or Halloween version. I think there is a market for this...

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