Monday, 2 January 2006

New Year's Resolutions

2006 is upon us and let me be one of many to wish you a very happy new year.

And the beginning of the new year has always been a time for people to promiss to stop smoking, excersise more or any of the hundreds of things people can find to better themselves. And while well intended, most of those new year's resolution won't last the whole year.

But not anymore! Or at least according to this article I found. These tips should help you to be succesfull in keeping your resolutions. And those are not the only articles I found on this subject.

But with all these articles there's one thing missing: the initial mindset for change. Many times people make a new year's resolution just for the sake of having one. And that's a waste of time. Nothing is more difficult then changing habits that have become part of your everyday life. So be sure to be honest to yourself about your resolutions.
Only if you want to make a real change in your life you can achieve it. Otherwise don't even bother. If only so you don't have to think up exuses to tell your friends or family who heard your resolutions and start wondering why you couldn't keep them.

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