Thursday, 19 January 2006

Religious PR blow for Intelligent Design

Over the last couple of months a great number of US news stories reported about "Intelligent Design vs. Evolution", where several (religious) groups wanted Intelligent Design to be part of science classes for high school students. In short, Intelligent Design states that a divine being is responsible for life and how it has evolved and that this is scientificly proven. In a highly publisized case, a US District Court ruled against Intelligent Design as a science. But still religious and conservative leaders who are proponents of Intelligent Design are urging schools to teach it as part of the science curriculum, claiming it is science.

Vatican's official newspaper L'Osservatore Romano is now saying otherwise.

This could be a real PR blow towards the merits of the Intelligent Design proponents. The Vatican is arguably the authority on devinity and (although it has a history of fighting against science) it has always taken a stand on several issues regarding science and religion. The claim that Intelligent Design isn't a science by members of the Vatican can only strengthen the convictions of pro-Evolution scientists, giving them more arguments in favor of Evolution.

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