Saturday, 11 February 2006

Could a criminal realy be this stupid????

You think that in a world where all those CSI's rule the TV airwaves, criminals would become a bit smarter in how to be succesfull in doing their crime. Apparantly (and luckily for us victims) they don't.

You still have to wonder what goes through this kind of burglar's head. Why would he not want to get out of the house he's robbing? Make off with the loot. Why would he think it's a good idea to eat, shower, change clothes and watch tv and maybe some other leisure activities? Why would he not even log out of his own mail account? Although, if it was not his own he could implicate someone else, thus moving suspicion away from him, making him, well, a criminal mastermind of some sorts. But still, wouldn't it be the smarter thing to do to do your crime and then leave the scene, not running more risk of getting caught in the act? Or to leave as little evidence as possible? Or does this just show that your writer has no sense of crime whatsoever and should not quit his day job and persue a life of crime?

Anyway, for more fun with stupidity by criminals, follow this link.

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