Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Mobile disturbances

This is going to be a little bit of a rant (little nod to Tim here who loves to do a bit of ranting himself). Having a mobile phone myself, I can understand that you like to be available to people, both on a business and professional level. But do people have to be able to reach you ALL THE TIME!?!?!?!? (Teens seem to suffer from insomnia because of this)

If you're not a doctor or otherwise involved in saving lives or fighting the impending destruction of the world or other doomly events, I can't believe that you can't turn off your mobile for a couple of hours. Hell. Even half an hour. And it's not that just the fact that those ringtones (that Crazy Frog thing just has to go) are plain annoying. It seems that whenever someone picks up a mobile, the volume of their voice multiplies. Just like they want to be louder than any other sound in the world. But if the words comming out of your mouth are not "Keep that heart nice and cold; I'll be there for the transplantation in no time" or any of the same kind, I don't want to hear it. Trust me: I don't have to know that this or that woman or man is a slut or a bastard. That your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband is a piece of crap means nothing to me. That your toe nail has grown in further or whatever it is you're shouting on about is information you don't need to share with me. I simply don't care. Neither do those other people who stare at you while you chatter this information to whomever it is you're talking to (Yes, I'm not alone in this). We just wanna enjoy our movie. Our lunch or diner. A nice conversation. We don't want to be interrupted by some nitwit shouting useless information.

Then there's the people who do the multi-tasking thing. Or at least, that's what they think they're doing. Picture this. Standing in check out line in the grocery store, the person who's just about to pay for their purchases picks up their phone and starts a conversation, seemingly becoming oblivious to whatever it is they're doing. Forget paying (you have your wallet in hand while calling, so why not go ahead), the call "Yes mom, I'll be comming over for dinner" is more important than keeping things moving.

And there are more examples.

But with mobile sales going up all the time, it's not that the end is in sight. Nothing of the kind. At the end of the year, mobiles can even be used in planes (although reception might suck, so there is hope). That'll be nice; sitting in a plane for several hours, maybe trying to get some sleep or reading a book, but someone besides you keeps on blabbing away on their mobile (even louder then ever because of the noise of the engines). Or what about being woken up by a Crazy Frog ringtone.

I cringe at the thought of more mobile disturbances.

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Tim Adank said...

And of course, this rant triggers me as well (I am THE aformentioned Tim, btw). The next cockuscker sitting next to me (or even in my near vicinity) that starts talking about A: what time he/she will be arriving; B: what he/she's up to tonight; C: their whereabouts ("I'm on the train. No, no.. I'M ON THE TRAIN!!!!"); or D: Any of the aforementioned gossip ("Yes they got drunk and did it! Well... at least... that's what so-and-so said... No, his ex didn't know....but she'll be there tonight... blablabla yadayadayada I don't give a f*ck")get his/ her mobile stuffed so far up their ass they'll have to dial with a tongue depressor.