Saturday, 25 February 2006


There has been some blogging going around about Microsoft's Origami page. Suspecting that it has nothing to do with the folding of paper, rumors have turned towards a sort of media device. We'll have to wait a few more days (March 2nd) to learn more.

But what's interesting is the approach Microsoft is taking with this. Microsoft has been known to announce products way ahead of their release dates (just take a look at Windows Vista and Office 2007 which are nowhere near their release date), but it seems now they take a more (dare I say it) Apple approach with this. They already had a sort of similar campaign with the release of the XBOX 360 with their origen site.

But could this be a marketing turn for Microsoft? Could they change their strategy and come up with surprise products every once in a while? Are they willing to become part of the rumor mill? Only time will tell, but It would certainly create a bit of excitement for a brand which is considered a bit dull.

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