Saturday, 18 February 2006

TED workspace

TED is a yearly conference where people with influence in technology, entertainment and design come together to exchange ideas and points of view. The biggest force behind TED is curator Chris Anderson, who has been involved in online and print media since 1985.

Organizing such a conference is not something to take lightly and the TED-sters have a great deal of work ahead of them each year. In order to do it in a great working atmosphere, Anderson decided to hire Dutch designer Ghislaine Viñas, who designed this great looking office.
This is so much more attractive then those dull desks or cubicles put together (although, that Dilbert's Ultimate Cubicle is nice).

There seems to be a trent towards creating interesting offices. Just look at the offices of Pixar (little scrolling down), Soyuznick Bank or Autodesk.

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