Sunday, 19 February 2006

The things that people do

Sometimes I'm truly amazed at the behaviour of some people. Take this for example; Lost Camera is the blog of a woman who lost her digicam on her trip to Hawaii. In order to give her friends and family some views of where she's been, she used photo's posted by others on Flickr (a very novel idea if you ask me).

Then out of the blue she got a call from a park ranger in Hawaii saying that he had the adress of a Canadian family who might have found her camera. She contacted them and in that phone call it became clear that those persons found the camera. But here's the thing: they weren't willing to give back the camera since their child liked it so much. Say what? And even after they argreed on sending the memory card and $ 50 for the camera (which was not near the amount it was worth), the family decided to send just a few cd's with the foto's because they "need the memory cards to operate the camera properly".

The thing that struck me most is this: in order to teach their child to "do the right thing" they called the park ranger in the first place. Now, this teaching apparantly involves showing the kid that it's OK to keep things that aren't yours if you like them enough. And (although the kid might not know this) comming back on an agreement. Nice parenting.

I don't know the law regarding lost & found, but to me, this is theft.

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Tim Adank said...

*picking up jaw from the floor*

Basic negativity of the human race I say. bastards.