Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Oscars have lost credibility...again

It's been said before and they'll say it again: the Oscars have lost all credibility. Even Jack Nicholson was surprised when he announced Crash as the winner of the Oscar for "Best movie".

And sure, there's no accounting for taste, but everywhere you looked it was Brokeback Mountain who was the heavy favorite. And deservingly so. It's a masterful film, with a gripping story and some amazing filming by director Ang Lee who won a deserving Oscar for his directing (my sympathy vote was for George Clooney of the excellent Good Night And Good Luck (which I also found a better film than Crash btw), but as he mentioned himself while excepting the Oscar for his work in Syriana, he could now forget winning "Best director").

I hate to think that it had to do with the subject matter of the movie, instead thinking that yes, it pays to throw buckets of money in a "For your consideration" marketing campaign to get the voters on your side. And despite the Oscars they won, I still believe they were robbed.

As the good guys at Chud already said:"Most shameful, dubious choice since Shakespeare in Love".

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