Thursday, 25 May 2006

Unrealized Communist Architecture

A few years after the Russian Revolution, the leaders of Russia wanted to show the world their superiority. In order to do that they ordered several architects to design buildings that showed the skill and creativity of communist society. And inspired by the buildings of ancient Rome, the architects came up with some stunning designs. However due to various reasons (world war 2, lack of money) some of these projects never saw the light of day.

It's interesting to note that it seems that whenever leaders want to show of the significance of their country or leadership, they do it by building huge buildings. The sad part is that this mostly seems to be the case with a totalitarian governments. The before mentioned Romans, but also Hitler's Third Reich vision consisted of monumental buildings, celebrating Nazi ingenuity. Not to say that others in democratic governed countries haven't been building beautiful structures, but totalitarians have a tendency to show the outside world that everything in the their country is going well by creating a facade of beauty and grandeur.

So beware when a leader of your country starts suggesting building monuments in his honor...

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