Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Wanna BBQ?

With the temperatures rising there's this summer feeling in the air. And what's more fun to do on a warm summer day then getting some friends together for a nice barbeque. Throw a few steaks and burgers on, have a few drinks and just enjoying yourself.

But what to do when you have alot of friends. Those small bbq's just won't cut it. Enter into the world of BBQ Pits by Klose who are able to get you the baking device you need. Like this pimped out one below.

So this one probably belongs to some rapper who wants some cooking bling, but it would be perfect for a big party.

Original link by OhGizmo

1 comment:

Ellen said...

FFS now that's a BBQ, maar erm, zou 'm niet eens hoeven... ;-). Ik weet precies hoe dat gaat, dan speel je er één keer mee en dan ligt dat daar in de hoek te roesten...