Sunday, 4 June 2006

Family Jewels Airbag

Sometimes when you look at certain inventions you can only wonder and think "What the...". Take a look at this: Yamaha has invented a so-called Crotch Airbag which function it is to protect a guys ehrm..more sensitive area.

I can understand that safety is an issue with motorcycle companies. It's a fact that you're far more vulnerable on a bike than in a car so every bit of extra protection for bodily harm is welcome, yet you have to wonder if this is the answer. I've never ridden a motorbike myself, but have been in some collisions with my bicycle and moped and what happened most of the time is that, in a head-on collision, I was catapulted from my bike. So any use for an airbag on the bike itself was useless. So being a bit skeptical on this.

Original link by Gizmodo

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Ellen said...

I have been known to break my pubic bone in a nasty cycle accident. (it hit the handlebars as I was launched of it ever so gracely ;-)). So erm, nice bit of protection there... even for women.