Sunday, 18 June 2006

Getting over a divorce

People react differently to divorces. Some get complete make-overs where they buy new clothes, get a new hairdo, maybe even a new convertible to mark the change in their lives. Others feel relieved and throw themselves into the world of singles and start dating their brains out. Then there are those who turn into a sobbing heap and sometimes start drinking or do drugs to numb the pain of the split. Many different reactions.

But maybe not as extreme as this guy who, after his wife left him for another man, decided to rebuild his room into a replica of the starship Enterprise.

Not the most common reaction one could say.

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Ellen said...

Hehe, maybe I should consider some more creative ways to get over mine ;-).

René said...

Well..erhm..maybe a cleansing ritual of some kind where you burn all the other's possessions while chanting and dancing into the night..not exactly original, but whatever helps :P