Friday, 23 June 2006

How to beat a drug test at work

In the US (not so common in liberal Europe) employees are given random drug tests to see if they meet up with anti-drugs requirements. However you might want to experiment some night with a new party drug or just go out bonkers on a drinking binge with your friends. There might be a little problem next morning when they want to test you.

That particular problem can now be solved. Affordable Urine Samples guarantees you can pass drug screenings with their line of products. The
Whizzinator (what's in a name) is a nice addition for any man.

According to the site they "..are confident that with our kits maintaining your privacy or ensuring the accuracy of a drug test can be done easily and affordably". But what happens if they screw up somehow. Just imagine this conversation: "Hey there Jim. I'm happy to announce 2 great pieces of news. One, you're test came out fine: you're clean. Second, congratulations, you're pregnant....."

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