Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Can we ever look at sports the same?

Nowadays whenever I watch someone set a new world record I automaticly wonder if doping is involved. And how can I not? Tour de France winner Floyd Landis is now officially being charged by the USADA. Justin Gatlin has been suspended for 8 years. Barry Bonds has admitted his use of steroids. Those are just 3 big stars in 3 different sports.

You get the feeling that doping use is wide spread and that just the ones who don't use the latest in performance enhancing drugs get caught. So your suspicions about an athletes talent when winning a big event grow rampant (especially if someone wasn't doing those things before). You start to get a pessimistic look about sports and you stop appreciating the hard work and dedication of someone who's clean.

But what's even worse is that the cheating takes the fun out of watching sports. And that's the real shame.

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