Friday, 17 November 2006

Ylliks 1st year anniversary

It's been a whole year and 91 posts ago since I started my blogging experience with this one.

On average I´m pretty pleased with the way the writing has turned out although I know there´s still room for improvement. It´s been good enough however to get some regular visitors and I know who you are so thanks guys! The blog design part I'm not so pleased with. When starting I had a few ideas how to do things but due to various circumstances it just didn't materialize the way I wanted. Ah well, there's always next year.

But how to celebrate this momentous (hum hum) occasion? Since I can't give you guys any cake (sorry about that) I came up with something else. Starting this week there will be a new feature, simple called:

"The Weekly Linkage"

Despite the "special" name it's basicly just a weekly post with links I find funny, interesting, wierd or just anything other that makes me want to share them with the world, but not special enough I want to devote a whole post to it. These will probably be posted every weekend with the first one due tomorrow or sunday. And I know, it's not as good as getting cake, but give me a little break here.

So thanks for this first year. Ive enjoyed my blogging experience and I hope you did too.

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Ellen van den Berg said...

Keep on the good work René!