Saturday, 2 December 2006

Weekly Linkage 12-02-2006

This week's Weekly Linkage for December 2nd 2006.

First ever handmade wooden pipe phone.

One of those crazy Japanese inventions: do you call this a scooter? (via OhGizmo)

101 things you do not want your system administrator to say. Although technically, there are only 97 on the list. (via Digg)

Umbrella with Flickr and YouTube integration.

Go back to the good 'ol days with vinyl looking CD-R's.

Toasting goodness: the rolling way of toasting (via Apartment Therapy) and Breakfast Art Image Toaster (via Gizmodo). They're just not like Red Dwarf's Talkie Toaster, which is far superior (don't worry, only fans of the show will get this one).

Superhero/Villain name creator (via Digg)

Flickr Image Clock (just fill in a tag) (via Lifehacker)


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