Saturday, 26 May 2007

Weekly Linkage 5-26-2007

Here's this week's Weekly Linkage for May 26Th 2007.

10 Simple ways to save yourself from messing up your life.

Pac Man Skeleton?

If you're really bored, here are 20 productive ways to use your free time.

Another way to make use of your free time is to find a four leaf clover. (via Kottke)

Places where you shouldn't want to see the Blue Screen of Death!

As you may have noticed, a large part of the Weekly Linkage consists of links that come from Digg. As of today, all those links will have a special part inside these posts, simply called: "Links from the Digg-nation".

So there's what might be considered the funniest...exit..interview...ever! Or some eyesight myths you might want to check out or some photos from the 4Th annual Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest.


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