Thursday, 7 June 2007

Buzzfeed: keep up with what's really buzzing the net

Digg, Techmeme, Reddit, Netscape, Newsvine and golden oldie Google news. Different websites with different audiences but with one thing in common: they spill about 100+ new news articles onto the web every single day. And if you're obsessive about keeping up with everything going on in the world, have the time to read it all and you're not afraid of information overload, those sites may just do the trick for you.

But for many it's just too much. Some just want to know what is popular on the web, what people are talking about and are looking to be entertained. For those people there's Buzzfeed. Items on this site will never be breaking news (or even be considered newsworthy in the New York Times sense), but they are about subjects that people on the web are talking about on blogs, online news sites or other web-destinations.

Like they state on their about-page, they want to "find the hottest buzz on the web. Each weekday, we publish ten stories that highlighting the best stuff emerging from the Internet popularity contest." And all come with links to stories with that particular subject. And there's a lot of subjects being talked about. Whether it's mobile dating, summer camps for dogs, the popemobile, death by snack foods or outsourcing your personal assistant.

They may not be the most news-worthy site on the net, but they are entertaining. So you might want to check it out.

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