Saturday, 29 September 2007

Weekly Linkage 09-29-2007

Here's this week's Weekly Linkage for September 29Th 2007.

Find anagrams for just about any word (or your name for some fun) (via Geeksugar)

Tank paintball.

Amazing basketball skills (via Kottke)

Star Wars Gangsta Rap.

Dress Code Guide (via Lifehack)

And of course there are the links from the Digg-nation: Bees have build a hive inside a jar and here you can take a look at some funny billboards. Squirrels are well equipped to take on obstacle courses while here you can see an example of how to impress your boss. If you ever felt like a pirate you should get this license plate or if you really need to "go" in Legoland you want to see this sign. And to cap it off some pictures from around the world, proof that ice can be slippery and that even protest signs can be amusing.


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