Saturday, 22 December 2007

Weekly Linkage 12-22-2007

Here's this week's Weekly Linkage for December 22nd 2007.

Realy bad band names (via BoingBoing)

With the holidays coming up: how to wrap a present (via Lifehacker)

Reuter's pictures of the year 2007 (via Kottke)

Controversial fashion ads through the years (although I'm pretty sure the Puma one was outed as fake) (via Kottke)

And of course there are the links from the Digg-nation: This is the place to go if you care for a swim of a different kind and here's a clever optical illusion and some clever business cards . Here's aninteresting way of getting the right people for your job opening, while here's a form to use to make a formal apology. And to top it of here's a collection of different Monopoly boards.

Enjoy and have a great Christmas!

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